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G.E.M. Club


Giunta Exceptional Member Club

We are thrilled to announce our G.E.M. Club.   This is the answer to patients with failing dental insurance and patients without dental insurance.  It is a reason to drop dental insurance and save  $600-800 in yearly premiums.  We have an alternative that is NOT insurance.  Our alternative is honest and up-front way to get the dental care you need and want, when you want it.  We call it the Giunta Exceptional Member Club, an in-house membership plan. 


Yearly Plan Fee

1st Member


2nd/3rd Family Member


Each Add’l Member





Comprehensive Exam [New patients]


Limited exam [Emergency visit]


Bite-wing X-rays [1 every year]


Full Mouth Series of X-rays [1 every 5 years]


Periodic exams [existing patients]


Periapical X-ray [ER x-ray]


Preventive or Periodontal Maintenance cleanings


Fluoride varnish

15% Off

All other procedures


Rules of Giunta Exceptional Member Club:

  • All family members must share the same address.
  • No substitution of family members.
  • If a patient elects to discontinue their membership, the fee is non-refundable.
  • This is an in-house dental membership plan and not insurance. 
  • This club membership cannot be combined with dental insurance.
  • The Giunta Exceptional Member plan becomes effective the day it is activated and expires 1 year from the day of activation.
  • The membership fee is paid in full at the time of sign-up.
  • Giunta Exceptional Member Club is only effective at Giunta Dentistry.
  • A late fee or deposit may be required if a dental appointment at our practice is broken without a 48-hour notice.
  • There is no roll-over of any services provided from year of enrollment to the next.




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