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Dental Cleaning


A dental cleaning at Giunta Dentistry is comprised of 3 steps: prophylaxis, polishing, and application of fluoride varnish (in most cases).

The prophylaxis refers the removal of harmful bacteria and pathogens harbored on your teeth and  gums.  This bacteria is known collectively as biofilm or plaque and given enough time it turns into a tenacious white crust, known as tartar, that sticks to your teeth.  Tartar harbors inflammatory bacteria and  will lead to inflammation and bleeding gums.  This condition is known as gingivitis.  Untreated gingivitis can progress beyond bleeding gums to include loss of bone around the teeth and at this critical point the condition is now known as  periodontal disease (aka “gum disease”) and can lead to loss of teeth! 

At our office, a dental-hygienist will provide your prophylaxis followed with polishing.  The polishing after a dental prophylaxis helps to remove stains and discolorations that occur over time, so when you leave your teeth may be noticeably whiter!  If your teeth are sensitive during the cleaning, this is easily handled with a numbing mouthwash.  Many patients find a dental cleaning very relaxing and enjoy the clean feeling that lasts even after you have left the office.

 A common preventive treatment following a dental cleaning is the application of fluoride varnish.  This clear varnish is painted on your teeth and helps to reduce the chances of cavity formation as well as reducing tooth-sensitivity.     Fluoride varnish accomplishes this due to its ability to remineralize enamel and inhibit the metabolism of bacteria that cause tooth decay.  The best part of all is we use a flavored fluoride varnish AND you can eat and drink like normal while it’s on your teeth.  Click here to read more about fluoride varnish.

As you can see, the key to lifelong healthy and aesthetic  teeth and gums is regular dental cleanings and home-care!  Be sure to check out our hygiene operatory to see where you will be having your dental cleaning- click Tour Our Office

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