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Tooth Colored Fillings

A tooth colored filling is known by many names, a white filling, a composite, a bonding, or a composite restoration.  All these names refer to a type of tooth filling material which mimics the natural shade of your existing tooth.  These restorations are incredibly versatile being utilized in many different clinical situations.  Composites are bonded to your existing tooth using a highly sophisticated dental adhesive.  This allows more of your natural tooth to be spared in minimally invasive dental restorative procedures.  Tooth-colored fillings while versatile are not as long-term of a restoration when they are used to replace large portions of missing tooth structure.  However, in some instances they are exactly the right choice for the clinical situation.

There are many instances where a tooth colored filling material may be used.    One of the most common situations is to replace missing tooth structure lost to a cavity or tooth-decay.   Typically, the tooth is first anesthetized and the decayed area is removed.  Next, a special type of tooth adhesive is used to prepare the remaining tooth surface to adhere to the composite restoration which is then placed in the prepared area of the tooth.  Another common situation where composite restorations are used is on root-surfaces of teeth and or areas of missing enamel.  Composite can also be used an interim or temporary filling material when a tooth has more significant problems such as large areas of decay or cracks.  The composite can serve to maintain the integrity of the tooth until a more long-term clinical restoration such as a crown may be completed.  There are literally dozens of instances where composite can be used and once at our practice we can determine if this is a good option for you. 

Placement of composite fillings is one of the most common treatments in dentistry.  They are typically affordable and require only one visit.  While not the answer to all dental related problems, they provide a viable option in many circumstances.  Our practice strives to find the best biomaterials for your composite restorations and takes pride in the result.  Our desire is maximum longevity and patient happiness with all the dental work that is completed at our practice. 

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