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Tooth extraction is typically the last resort  and only occurs when a tooth is deemed hopeless or non-restorable.  While this is an unfortunate fate for a tooth, sometimes it is the best option.  There are a couple of situations requiring extraction of a tooth.  A tooth that has extensive decay resulting in a significant loss of tooth structure and/or s extension deep below the gum-line may be a  candidate for extraction.  When a tooth has split or cracked below the gum-line or through the root may also require removal.  Teeth that have become very mobile due to bone loss from periodontal disease and/or trauma may should be extracted as well.  Finally,  teeth that have extensive infection and abscess below the root require removal to prevent continued bone-loss and infection.  While the reasons listed above are the most common situations regarding to tooth loose, it is a not a comprehensive or a definitive guide. 

Whenever teeth are extracted,   changes occur in the space in the jaw formerly held by that tooth.  First,  bone will erode in the area of the jaw and adjacent teeth may shift into the space as well.  To prevent bone loss, socket-preservation using a bone-graft is always recommended at the same time as tooth extraction.  This helps to preserve the bone for whatever future restoration will replace the missing tooth including an implant, bridge, or removable device.  A bone-graft also helps to prevent bone defects from occurring on the adjacent teeth to the extraction site as well.  This helps to keep the adjacent in healthy bone and prevents loss of gum attachment. 

Extractions are a painless procedure and although we accomplish the vast majority with local anesthesia our practice can provide other options in regards to sedation if necessary.  Typically, the only sensation felt during an extraction is pressure.  However, during treatment we will assure your comfort and relaxation as much as possible. 

While no one looks forward to having a tooth removed, we offer this service in our practice for our patients convenience and peace of mind.  Should any situations involving tooth extraction,  we will always have a thorough consultation and discuss all other viable options that may be available.

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