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Digital X-Rays

Giunta Dentistry has implemented the latest technologies in dentistry making your visits even more pleasant with the use of digital dental X-Ray technology. Digital X-rays improve delivery of dental care by capturing X-rays faster making the process more comfortable for the patient. In addition, digital dental X-rays are more diagnostic allowing a more thorough and complete dental diagnosis

With a digital X-ray, we capture an image of your teeth and immediately see it on a widescreen television monitor. This large, digital image of your teeth and surrounding bone can be manipulated to better reveal suspicious problem areas. These areas can then be magnified and enhanced, making details visible to both patient and dentist.

Digital X-ray technology is safe and environmentally friendly. The digital X-ray sensor is extremely sensitive allowing 90% less radiation than traditional X-rays. In addition, digital means no chemicals involved in processing X-rays!

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