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Complete & Partial Dentures


Complete and Partial dentures are a restorative option when two or more teeth are missing.   These prostheses can be held in place with or without dental implants*.   Complete and partial dentures may also be used temporarily during healing following implant placement.    If dental implants are not used, complete and partial dentures are in held in place via suction, clasps, and/or denture adhesive.  While many people consider a set of complete dentures to last lifetime, patients with complete dentures can expect to require a reline or replacement approximately every 5 to 10 years due to changes in your underlying jaw bone

Typically, dentures are worn only during waking hours.   Cleaning these prostheses should be done following each meal by removing them and scrubbing gently with a toothbrush or special denture brush.  It would also help to rinse your mouth with water following meals to remove any food or debris that may collect under your dentures.    During the extended period of time the dentures are outside the mouth each night, they may be soaked in denture cleaner such as Polident.

Both dentures and partial dentures are constructed to closely mimic the appearance of your natural teeth and gums.  The portion of the denture that rests on your gums is constructed of a strong acrylic type material while the denture teeth themselves are made of porcelain like material.  Partial dentures typically utilize some of your remaining teeth as anchors in addition to suction to remain in place.  Many times after complete or partial dentures are made,   slight adjustments are necessary due to changes in the anatomy of your jaw bone and gums.

 Fortunately, frequent dental check-ups, good home-care, and regular cleanings can help prevent the need for complete or partial dentures.  However, should you ever require either of these treatments our office will make every effort to make the transition as seamless as possible

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